Portfolio Entry #2 – Europe Essay

For this project, I wrote and essay about Italy. I was able to put a lot of information into this essay because I have relatives from Italy. I used many websites to find information and I even included in the essay that their was a movie made about my grandfather.

Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/13yNYW5AtiyNi54YNZJjBfuHU_0P-TX_JUgwnlHiDGHo/edit



Portfolio Entry #1 – Spanish Project

In Spanish we had to make a brochure, either on paper or on PowerPoint. It was an individual assignment but we could get some help from other classmates. We had to write some information on 7 countries, such as what money they use, what foods they eat, and other things like that. I think my project went well but I forgot to put pictures in some of my slides.


Link: Click Here